Unites States of America

Learn all there is about education in the USA.

The United States Of America is undoubtedly the number one study abroad destination for international students. What makes it a holy grail for higher education is quality education, globally ranked universities, thrilling campus life, vast opportunities, etc. It is home to the maximum top 100 universities of the world and is also a go-to destination in terms of job opportunities and a growth environment.

Why Study In The USA As An International Student?

Stellar Education Stellar Education

By simply considering any university ranking, U.S. universities are among the world’s best, perfectly blending academics with research and extracurricular activities. Although the education system in the USA attracts an astounding number of international students, universities have a high student satisfaction rate thanks to the numerous student services they provide.

Scholarships Scholarships and Grants

While attending an American university can be a hefty venture, Indian students who plan to study in the U.S. can apply to several merit-based but also need-based scholarships.US universities offer maximum scholarships and financial aid than any other universities worldwide. For merit-based scholarships, you will have to prove either academic or non-academic excellence (e.g. voluntary activities), while need-based scholarships are solely offered to students who can’t afford to cover their study costs.

Credible and worldwide recognized degree Credible and recognised degrees

Graduating with a US degree is a sure-shot attraction for anyone, especially potential employers as it carries high candidate credibility. Higher education in the U.S. is known to prepare talented professionals that are highly skilled; companies will see you as a candidate with an international mindset and a problem solver.

Top universities in the US